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Why Should I Volunteer With DGV

The word ‘JITOLEE’ as we would call it in ourĀ  language here means volunteering. It means giving your life for others. We are all human beings but not gifted the same. From where you are you might think everybody has an opportunity to access everything as you do, or even the other way round, you might think what you have is nothing and cannot be of any use to anyone.
It is not possible to understand this unless you give it a try.
l once thought the same but after giving myself a chance to do so l realized it can work.

Volunteering- The joy of giving

What would make young people travel so many miles away from the comfort of their homes to a strange land, to leave and work among strange people? The drastic change of food, clothing, language barrier, none of these can make them change their minds.

What drives an elderly person to gather up a fraction of his or her life savings to journey tirelessly to a strange land? Once they arrive at their destination they quickly roll up their sleeves and work hard, tirelessly, the weather conditions notwithstanding.

Come to think of it.